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Sales Agent

Daniel Tart’s interest in real estate began with his first home buying experience. He noticed that his agent was very knowledgeable of the current market but he lacked the skill to comprehend and listen to his needs and wants. This experience created a desire for Daniel to start a career in real estate with a “care approach.” Daniel wanted to listen first and then apply his knowledge and experience based off what clients want and need.  He officially began his career in July 2006 at Keller Williams. Daniel worked on a team under a very successful agent.  Her knowledge of real estate along with her compassion sparked a passion and drive within him. 

Daniel is currently a Real Estate Agent with 5 Points Realty. During his 14 year career, he has worked in a vastly changing real estate market that has afforded him an extensive background and understanding of a rapid changing market. Daniel has had the chance to work with new homeowners, investors, seasoned buyers and sellers to help them understand their wants and needs while maximizing their profits. In addition to being a licensed Real Estate Agent, Daniel owns a residential construction business with
Zack Kent.


Working alongside his partner Zack has given him the opportunity to see new trends within the residential market which has provided him the opportunity to not only broaden his knowledge of the market but capitalize on it.

Daniel graduated from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a marketing degree. His degree helped lay the foundation and provide him the tools needed to understand and help people market and sell their investments in a unique and different way. Daniel truly cares about his customers and focuses on building long term relationships by listening and delivering what they want. Daniel’s dedication to his clients and his belief in commitment and determination has served him well and has helped him beat out competition.  

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